The best healthy "junk" foods; Do you need to kick your sugar addiction? Most of them like the commonly available milk chocolates, which have a lot of sugar and fat. Healthy Chocolate Options For Kids. In most school cafeterias in the U.S., chocolate milk is an available (and popular) choice at lunch. (Remember, some yogurts may also contain a lot of sugar! This unique treat for children comes in a well-designed portion size of delicious milk and cocoa cream with wheat germ and two crunchy wafer balls filled with cocoa cream. Kinder Chocolate (Italian: Kinder Cioccolato; "Kinder" is German for "children") is a confectionery product brand line produced by Italian confectionery multinational company Ferrero.Created by Michele Ferrero, Kinder was originally developed in Alba, Italy in 1968. Kinder supports you in raising happy children by providing unique products and experiences that enhance moments of joy every day and on special occasions. Eat Your Way to a Healthier Heart. But just how healthy of a choice you want them to be ultimately depends on the variety you choose to snack on. Love the idea of eating heart-healthy dark chocolate but can't help but melt every time milk chocolate hits your lips? They say the discussion surrounding mineral oil components is not a new one, and that "traces of mineral oil exist nearly everywhere in the environment and they can be transferred to food in many different ways. (Inside scoop: Alter Eco is coming out with even more fun flavors of their truffles in March—mark your calendars!) More Health and Wellness The Healing Properties of Juicing. BAD news about Kinder chocolate and your health *Puts down the chocolate bar* By Abigail Malbon. They're so small they must be better than a Moro, or a Snickers, or even just a small bar … What about chocolate milk? What is the healthiest way to eat chocolate? However, there are many brands available and not all of them are created equal. What are the vulgarities of chocolate and caffeine? More from Doctor Oz. Chocolate consumption has long been associated with conditions such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, and hypertension. There are therefore many different ways in which they can find their way into food products. Jul 7, 2016 Anyone else ever though of this little Kinder bars as the healthier chocolate? Photo by Gaby Mas Chocolate and its main ingredient, cocoa, appear to reduce risk factors for heart disease. We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. Christmas music could be bad for mental health, Napping for this long is seriously bad for your health, The definitive ranking of Easter chocolate. Many companies are gradually eliminating this unhealthy oil, but it still appears.). Millie Bobby Brown cries about fan encounter, Justin on why Hailey wants to wait to have kids, Kendall Jenner has new caramel-coloured hair, The stars of your favourite Christmas films today, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Dark chocolate generally contains about 25 mg of caffeine per serving. Renters are only two pay cheques off from eviction, Kate Middleton on handling "toddler tantrums", Meghan and Harry are excited to decorate for Xmas. However, chocolate differs from other types of candy in that chocolate can have unique health benefits. A German food watchdog has called for the chocolate bars to be recalled after tests found they contain dangerous levels of what have been described as "likely carcinogens". Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A little bit of chocolate every day for better heart health, skin and less stress is a win-win-win-win. Lindt dark chocolate is the OG of healthy supermarket desserts – high in heart-friendly flavonoids and low in sugar. Those cute little bars of Kinder chocolate are the healthier option, right? It is well known that excess sugar increases the risk of obesity and diabetes, even in children. Frozen Chocolate banana (1/2 a small banana dipped in 2 squares dark melted chocolate and frozen) 75 calories. Kinder chocolate was first introduced to the German market in 1968 and quickly hit the Italian market that same year before spreading to other countries in the Mediterranean region. Milk chocolate contains only 9 mg. (In comparison, one cup of coffee contains approximately 95 mg of caffeine. 3 minutes read. A German food watchdog has called for Kinder chocolate bars, as well as other foods, to be recalled after tests found they contain dangerous levels of what have been described as "likely carcinogens". Chocolate crumpets are about to be your new breakfast of choice. Dark chocolate is incredibly healthy and nutritious. Did you hear that chocolate is good for adults … Is chocolate good for children? It is creamy, delicious, and we know that we should not let our children eat unlimited amounts. We are answering all your questions about your child’s health and favorite desserts (some of which he doesn’t know how to ask). Did you hear that chocolate is good for adults … Is chocolate good for children? Required fields are marked *. HEALTHY PUMPKIN BREAD WITH CHOCOLATE CHIPS, Crazy Easy Baked Honey Garlic Salmon in Foil, The Best Easy Grilled Chicken Breast Recipe, How to Handle Holiday Party Food with Kids, Our Five Fiber Faves (+ Surprising Ways Fiber Improves Kids’ Health! Thanks to its recipe made with creamy milky filling, Kinder Chocolate satisfies children's desire for something tasty while reassuring mothers at the same time. I hope you’re right. Flavonols can reduce cell damage and inflammation, and eating dark chocolate can reduce the risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease and even a person’s cognitive impairment. The company added that it is working hard to make sure these mineral oils are not transferred to their products. Still, chocolate's reputation is on the rise, as a growing number of studies suggest that it can be a heart-healthy choice. Made from the seed of the cocoa tree, it is one of the best sources of antioxidants on the planet. In a statement to Cosmopolitan, Lindt said pretty much exactly the same as Kinder: "The main reason for the minimal traces of mineral oils in food products is because these substances occur virtually everywhere in the environment. The people who ate the most chocolate in the studies could share some other characteristics that explain their better heart and brain health. Three out of 20 products tested were found to have "dangerous" levels of the oil, including Lindt's Fioretto Nougat Minis and another german products. Abbi is a freelance journalist for various magazines and websites. It was introduced first to the German and Italian markets in 1968, before being sold in other countries in Europe. ), Your email address will not be published. It also offers single portions: each bar is individually wrapped. Is Chocolate Healthy for Kids? The adverse effects of it is as given below. What is the healthiest way to eat chocolate? ANNE SHOOTER had the joyous task of testing Twix Fino and nine other 'lighter' chocolate bars to see if there really is such a thing as a guiltless pleasure. Nutritionists connected to the dairy industry take the stance that chocolate milk meets nutritional requirements, and that the health benefits of the milk outweigh the potential problems of added sugars in the flavoring. So, which is healthier: dark chocolate or milk chocolate? Cosmopolitan, Part of the Hearst UK Fashion & Beauty Network. Some people are surprised to discover that caffeine is contained in chocolate. This is half of the recommended amount of added sugar for our children at one time. What are the vulgarities of chocolate and caffeine? Dark chocolate contains a higher percentage of cocoa than other chocolate, and cocoa is rich in antioxidants and flavanols, which have been associated with heart health. An ounce … Kinder Chocolate The taste kids love. For these children, cheese and yogurt are a good option, as they provide similar nutrition compared to chocolate milk without the need for excess sugar. How much caffeine is in chocolate? Dark chocolate is loaded with nutrients that can positively affect your health. Most of the chocolates you can buy in stores contain a lot of sugar. You need to eat the right kind if you want to reap any benefits. Anyone else ever though of this little Kinder bars as the healthier chocolate? When your child bites Santa’s chocolate head or wanders around with plastic snacks filled with plastic pumpkins nearby, he may not take into account chocolate’s health effects. "Even though the traces are minimal and there are no legal limits, Lindt & Sprüngli takes this issue very seriously and has initiated a plan of action to achieve the greatest possible reduction of even the slightest mineral oil residues. They also reduce free radicals, which are associated with premature aging and cancer. It contains no artificial colorants. The main reason for the minimal traces of mineral oils in food products is because these substances occur virtually everywhere in the environment. Personally, we are not used to using commercially produced chocolate milk as a daily drink. 12 kinds of chocolate to know – Chocolate Chips-- In the 1930s, an innkeeper at the Toll House Inn in Whitman, Massachusetts, chopped up a chocolate bar to … Oh, man. Image Source : Google As kinder joy chocolate is very popular among childrens nowdays but it is very harmful for kids. Did Kate just reveal her favourite emojis? (Check the label! ", "Main migration sources are, for example, mineral oil components from printing inks that are introduced into the packaging recycling cycle and, through transport containing recycled fibre, migrate to raw materials and foods.". Cosmopolitan participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Chocolates come in myriad forms and varieties. How should we eat chocolate to maximize our health? If you want to minimize sugar, choose plain yogurt or low-sugar brands like Siggi). Kinder chocolate combines three things that children like all in one product - chocolate, games and discovery of new things. What about chocolate milk? (Surprisingly, nobody is surprised). Dark chocolate generally contains a minimum of 35% nonfat chocolate liquor, and has more flavonoids and antioxidants than other types of chocolate. They said that mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons, which are created when oil is refined,  have been found in the product. The health effects of chocolate are the possible positive and negative effects on health of eating chocolate.. Your email address will not be published. Great care is taken in making sure that only the highest quality ingredients make it into our products. The position of nutritionists related to the dairy industry is that chocolate milk meets the nutritional requirements and the health benefits of milk outweigh the potential problems of adding sugar to flavorings. Healthy chocolate sounds like a dream come true, but chocolate hasn't gained the status of a health food quite yet. W e’ve all heard the good news: eating dark chocolate daily is good for your heart, boosts brain power, and may even help you combat sleep deprivation. Kind Plus Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate + Protein does not. First, be careful about the type of dark chocolate you choose: chewy caramel-marshmallow-nut-covered dark chocolate is by no means a heart-healthy food option. Some are better than others, based on … Chocolate contains a special antioxidant called flavonols that can help protect our heart and brain. The higher the percentage of cocoa the less sweet stuff you'll find in the fine print, with the 85% cocoa option only containing 2.2 grams of sugar per serve. So we spoke to Amy Hendel, host of HealthiNation’s Food Rescue, to see how healthy different kinds of chocolate really are. Watch out for those extra ingredients that can add lots of extra fat and calories. Its intense flavour also ensures that you won't be smashing a family block in one sitting. "The … The chocolate is still being produced in Germany and Italy. What are the health benefits of chocolate? Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Tumblr Pinterest VKontakte. However, few kids like dark chocolate, because of its bitter taste. Chocolate is … But the caffeine content in chocolate is very low and generally does not require children to worry. It will melt completely). 5 rules for a perfect fridge; Published 10/08/2013. There are therefore many different ways in which they can find their way into food products. However, one of our goals here is to lay the groundwork for developing good habits to protect children’s health throughout their lives. In most school canteens in the United States, chocolate milk is an option (and very popular) for lunch. KIND bars can absolutely have a place in a healthy diet. While eating lots of dark chocolate isn't likely to improve heart health, it can be a healthier choice than … You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Prince George's favourite meal is very relatable, Umbrella Academy's Elliot Page shares he is trans, Love Island's Jessica's heartbreaking baby loss, The Queen's Christmas plans for this year revealed, The royals' Christmas will be different this year, Royal staffer caught selling stolen photos on eBay. Filled with a soft milk chocolate center, these dark coated truffles blend the best of both worlds—all for 76 calories and 4 grams of sugar a pop. Yes, there is healthy chocolate you can eat without the guilt. You know, like the little stick one with the creamy filling? The more cocoa solids the chocolate has, the deeper it becomes and the higher the caffeine content. In the end, too much chocolate can (unfortunately) squeeze out the important food groups that children really need to stay healthy. Dark chocolate is the healthier option because it contains cocoa and less sugar, fat or milk. Chocolate causes your lower esophageal sphincter to relax, enabling the stomach contents to move back upwards which results in that heart burning sensation behind your chest known as an acid or gastroesophagul reflux. NEXT STORY. Chocolate is acidic in nature and acidic foods tend to increase the acid in your stomach. 10 Healthy Alternatives to chocolate under 100 calories (Calorie values given are averages and may vary from brand to brand) 1. Chocolate is also often packaged with unhealthy ingredients, such as hydrogenated oils, especially in popular brands of candy bars. Some children may refuse unflavored milk, while parents worry about their nutritional deficiency. And in keeping with the statement above, apparently it's not just Kinder affected. Now, throw less news. These dark bars are delicious, full of antioxidants, and won’t give you a sugar rush. Like all snacks, chocolate is basically a fact in life. You may have heard “good for your heart.” Is that good for children? Therefore, although a small amount of dark chocolate may improve children’s antioxidant capacity, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and protein foods should still be given priority. Are heels REALLY that bad for your health? But Kinder have released a written statement to The Mail Online about the claims. This is because a serving of chocolate milk contains approximately 12 grams or three teaspoons of added sugar. In one study, cocoa beans had higher levels of antioxidant tests than blueberries and acai berries! Then it really adds up! They refused, however, to remove the products from sale.". You might think, well, my son is too young to worry about high cholesterol. I mean, it's so little - it's GOT to be better than a bigger Dairy Milk bar, right? Come and check us out on Snapchat Discover. Antioxidants are important for healthy cells and strong immune systems. Is Chocolate Milk Healthy for Kids? Kinder Chocolate different bar sizes are perfect for little and bigger hands. What are the nutritional disadvantages of chocolate? Should we draw a line between the food we encourage and the food we strictly limit? Fine milk chocolate bar with a delicious filling - Kinder Chocolate is perfect as a little treat or snack! ), SWEET POTATO PEANUT BUTTER SWIRL BROWNIES, 30+ Quick and Easy Last Minute Dinner Ideas, DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING SOUP (TURKEY CARCASS SOUP). With 7 grams of protein, it provides 14 percent of the protein DRV (50 grams). If you can let your children eat dark chocolate as a child, their back pockets will always receive this nutritious treatment. Why chocolate is good for you ‘ Chocolate may improve your skin Researchers at Germany’s Heinrich Heine University exposed chocolate eaters to ultraviolet light and found that after six weeks, they had 15 percent less skin reddening than those who didn’t eat it. Source: Best Health Magazine, March/April 2009. ". Thing is, not all chocolates are created equal. Like this? (Literally. Is chocolate milk healthy for children? And in a statement on their website, the watchdog which made the discovery said: "Foodwatch had the producers concerned informed in advance about the test results and called for a public recall.